K-Tig Precise Stainless Steel Welding


DIALOG Fitzroy meets the performance expectations and demanding schedules of the oil and gas, dairy, energy and geothermal industries through our strategically located, fully equipped fabrication sites within New Zealand and Australia.  We are supported by Dialog Group fabrication services to further extend our capability to handle your most challenging projects.

DIALOG Fitzroy has over half a century of combined history of fabrication expertise, with a reputation for quality heavy fabrication. With a policy of continuous improvement and ongoing increase of capabilities and technological advancements, we offer a wide range of fabrication products and services covering pressure vessels, columns, reactors, shell & tube exchangers, air coolers, piping, process skids & modules, storage tanks, structural steel, mechanical and on-site machining services.

Our culture of thinking outside the box and desire to make it happen for our customers, means our team are equipped to offer the full fabrication solution, from design right through to manufacture, delivery and installation - creating value for our customers.

Heat Exchanger Fabrication

DIALOG Fitzroy are New Zealand and Australia’s most capable and experienced fabricator of heat exchangers with particular expertise in the engineering design and fabrication of shell & tube and air cooled exchangers. 

Considerable importance has been placed on streamlining the tube bundle fabrication process with an emphasis on consistency and high quality.  Accordingly we have invested in the best new equipment available, designed to deliver consistently high quality tube expansion and welding, and cost efficient construction.

This includes the latest innovation in the connection of heat exchanger tubes to tube-sheets through one-step (single pass) high pressure hydraulic tube expansion.

We offer the complete end-to-end heat exchanger service encompassing

  • Engineering design                     
  • Procurement, fabrication
  • Shell, tube replacement/repair
  • Bundle pulling
  • Bundle replacement
  • Tube extraction
  • Tube plugging
  • Tube cleaning, jetting
  • Assessment



Pressure Vessel Manufacture

DIALOG Fitzroy have been fabricators of pressure piping, pressure vessels and pressure systems for more than 60 years and in that time have produced in excess of 1250 pressure vessels in a variety of materials and codes.  We have developed an outstanding reputation for the quality of our fabrication and for successful delivery of complex project scopes.





Our experience encompasses the fabrication of pressure vessels for clients in oil & gas, geothermal, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, manufacturing, timber, minerals and bio energy industries, in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.  We are accomplished in the use of exotic materials and high-performance alloys. 

One of our largest pressure vessel projects to date was the fabrication of a Catalytic Reactor for our refinery client in Sydney, Australia. The primary reactor column was made up of nine interconnected component vessels to form a single transportable unit over 46m long, 5.5m in diameter, weighing in excess of 360 tonnes, fabricated from chrome molybdenum steel up to 60mm thick to design code AS1210.  This fabrication required final heat soaking at 700°C in our onsite heat treatment facility. 


Our team of highly qualified tradespeople have extensive experience and knowledge of relevant codes and fabrication standards

We provide our teams in New Zealand and Australia with advanced equipment to allow them to produce outstanding fabrication results for your projects

  • K-TigIndustry leading, advanced TIG welding technology that combines increased productivity with high quality results
  • TipTigHigher deposition rates, faster welding speeds and less heat dissipation
  • Flange Facing: Including in-situ and bespoke machining solutions
  • Bolt torquing and flange management: Wide range of modern bolting and flange management equipment
  • PWHT: We have the largest oven in New Zealand for weld heat treatments
  • Plate rollers: Heavy duty rollers for plate materials up to 75mm thick
  • HydroSwage:  Hydraulic, programmable heat exchanger tube expansion
  • Machining:  We have a range of in-house CNC machining options, laser profiling and plate stripping

DIALOG Fitzroy K-Tig

Exciting new K-Tig welding technology at our New Plymouth workshops

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