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Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

The DIALOG Fitzroy Australia team are establishing a sound reputation for the refurbishment of air cooled heat exchangers.  After just completing a successful retubing project on 28 fin fan coolers for a local client, the team got the call from a Queensland refinery who had 13 coolers requiring partial retubing and had heard about the good work done by our team in Brisbane. The client needed to find a contractor to take responsibility for the whole package, including site removal and installation of the refurbished units.

The DIALOG Fitzroy team were in a position to be able to assist and the job was won on a fully reimbursable target estimate model. These coolers were physically a little smaller but the process was the same, with our client nominating which tubes were to be changed out, resulting in 455 tubes across the 13 coolers replaced.

Like previous similar work this project was constrained by time and the challenge was to refurbish and reinstall these coolers within the site turnaround period. Throughout the execution we received excellent client feedback for the fact that the project consistently tracked to schedule and budge and we ultimately delivered an outstanding result for our client.

We were able to display our total solution capability by providing scaffolding services for the removal and installation of the coolers as well as mechanical services for other works on site during the turnaround.

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