Ammonia Gas Gathering Construction Site with Flare


Successful project execution requires great project management, technical know-how and determination.  We overlay these “givens” with mandates for innovation, flexibility and collaboration 

De-risk your capital projects by aligning your people, processes and goals with the DIALOG Fitzroy way – our fit-for-purpose execution approach from New Zealand and Australia, delivers reliable outcomes on-time and on-budget

Our management, engineering, procurement, construction and handover solutions will bring bold thinking to life; we will deliver a complete package of resources to complete your greenfield, brownfield and plant change projects


DIALOG Fitzroy develops creative, comprehensive and sustainable engineering designs for industry using our intimate understanding of local statutory and code compliance obligations across all engineering disciplines.  Our fabrication, construction and industrial site experience moulds our approach to engineering.   

We align with industry best practice to plan, design, manage and engineer long lasting and cohesive solutions to uniquely complex problems.  The DIALOG Fitzroy engineering team designs for constructability, maintainability and longevity, preferring to incorporate the wider project team to provide coordinated, cohesive and high-quality information throughout the design process.

We believe strongly in early focus on strategic planning and integration into our client’s team where possible.  This collaborative approach allows us to identify key objectives and align with our client’s goals to enable successful project delivery. We will always tailor our service to meet specific project requirements and provide efficient and effective management solutions.

We offer Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Piping Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering and Civil & Structural Engineering with enhanced design integration between all disciplines.


Project Management

Technical engineering projects are complex and multidimensional undertakings, demanding comprehensive procedures, integrative skills, discipline and a broad management perspective.  Many years of effective project experience allows DIALOG Fitzroy to bring cost-competitiveness and delivery certainty to brownfield/plant change and greenfield capital projects. 

Our primary focus is successful EPC project delivery and we offer a variety of experienced project management individuals with operational expertise to provide our clients with fit-for-purpose solutions.  We tailor our teams to offer the best knowledge, experience and technical ability, and ensure our systems align with our client’s requirements to enable successful outcomes for them.

Our combination of engineering design, development, management and relevant trade execution allows us to offer our clients the best possible solutions throughout the lifecycle of their assets, utilising expertise from all departments.

Portfolio & Program Management

DIALOG Fitzroy is skilled in the management of multiple project programs, ensuring related projects are managed in a coordinated manner to realise the benefits that may not be available from managing them individually.  This includes the identification, prioritisation, authorisation, and management of projects within our client’s portfolio.  

In New Zealand and in Australia, we operate with advanced contractor assurance & management systems to ensure all subcontractors meet the requirements for access to our client’s projects and sites as applicable.  This includes strict administration of their HSE performance and standards, confirming the cultures exist to promote outstanding safety and wellbeing behaviours. 

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