Ammonia Gas Gathering

This project encompassed the design, material supply, installation, plant integration of a new Flare and Ammonia Emissions Management system. DIALOG Fitzroy had completed the FEED phase of the project to optimise a design solution that reduced hazards and risk, and proceeded to detailed design. The scope included connection of 43 existing vents in the plant to a common flare header that fed to a liquid knock out vessel and then to a 45m high flare stack, for the gases to burn off at the flare tip.

DIALOG Fitzroy Solution

This project necessitated construction and plant integration into a live working environment, and the complex coordination of a number of different trades.  DIALOG Fitzroy are uniquely positioned to be able to offer all of these trades from in house: Project Management, Engineering, Procurement, Structural fabrication, Piping fabrication, Pressure vessel fabrication, Painting, Scaffolding, Site construction, Quality and HSE.  This turnkey capability removes all of the unnecessary and potentially inefficient interfaces that might normally inhibit the smooth execution of a complex workscope such as this.

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