Gas Production Skids

In 2019 DIALOG Fitzroy were engaged by our client to perform mechanical design and detail engineering of 2 x High Pressure Knock Out vessels, 2 x Gas-Gas Heat Exchangers, 2 x Low-Temperature Separators and 1 x Low-Pressure Separator (LPS).   Subsequently our scope grew so that we would supply these pressure vessels and heat exchangers as skid-mounted modules except for the LPS which would be supplied with a separate valve station skid.  

The pressure vessels were fabricated with shell thicknesses ranging from 32mm to 76mm, with the combined erected weight of ~190MT.  The total combined erected weight of the skids including steel structures and over 5,200 diameter inches of piping was ~300MT.

DIALOG Fitzroy Solution

We knew that minimising activity on site during the installation phase would save our client money and so we wanted to ensure accurate, first time fit up.  Thus the site layout of the skids was replicated in our workshop to confirm that all inter-connecting piping fitted as designed, to negate much of the site work that would normally be required.  The skids were transported to the site as completed modules, with only a few items removed to assist with the safe transportation.  Our client believed in our innovative construction methodology, and the resulting fast and accurate installation was a credit to our team.


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