Chilled Water Upgrade

DIALOG Fitzroy were very pleased to win this contract to fabricate, paint, install, insulate and commission new pipe racks, and pipe bridges for our client's site in Taranaki.  During the negotiation stages we developed a methodology designed to maximise shop work and to modularise the racks and pipe bridges, and fit out with fully welded piping. This approach allowed up to 80% of pipe welds to be completed in our workshops. 

Hydrotesting was carried out in our yard, enabling each assembly to be insulated offsite, leaving final field weld locations bare.  This approach minimised field work and reduced the amount and risk of work at height on site.  Similarly we developed and adopted innovative site construction methodologies designed to allow safe, rapid and consistent project progress.  These methods resulted in a large reduction in crane movements, a significant advantage when working in a live industrial situation. 

DIALOG Fitzroy Solution 

This project required a very high level of productivity and weld quality.  To achieve the piping production performance we required, DIALOG Fitzroy have invested in K-Tig, an industry leading, advanced TIG welding technology that combines increased productivity with high quality results.  This keyhole TIG/GTAW system welds thicker materials faster and at a significantly higher quality than other welding methods.

Our team has adapted extremely well to the use of this new technology and the result has been a dramatic increase in productivity and weld consistency.  

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