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waste water clarifier

Site Construction, Hot & Dusty

Our team at DIALOG Fitzroy Australia in Brisbane received a phone call from a major South Australian potato farmer asking if we could fabricate and install a new waste water clarifier for them, using free issued materials. This turned out to be an interesting and “hot potato” project where we had to apply some “outside the box” thinking to complete it as required.  

The clarifier was designed in China and materials supplied from there. What we didn’t know was that the free issue materials had been supplied in a raw state, the plate was only 1.5m wide and none of the plate was cut to shape or rolled. This meant that there was over 150m of weld to make up the full development, once that was done the development was cut into 10 pieces of pie and then pressed to the required radius. All the cone segments where then shop assembled with flat bars on each joint so we could bolt up onsite and commence welding.

Water water clarifyer

Fabricating the External Cone

At 12 meters diameter and over 10.5 meter tall we had to come up with ways to carry out the works in a safe manner, and ultimately decided to build the clarifier in two parts – the bottom coned section and the top tank. This kept the working at heights far easier to manage with the use of client supplied scissor lift for access and JCB for lifting items.

Our team spent 12 weeks at Lameroo, 3 hours inland from Adelaide in some trying conditions, “chipping away” to get this job fully completed, and the result is an excellent outcome and a very happy client.

Onsite Assembly of waste water clarifier

Onsite Assembly

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