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Air Cooler Refurbishment

Recently DIALOG Fitzroy Australia were asked by our client to refurbish several air cooled heat exchanger bundles during scheduled turnaround activities at their production facilities in Queensland. This exchanger refurbishment was a critical path element of the turnaround and we were engaged to work around the clock to make it happen. 

Our scope of work involved receipt of the bundles to our workshops in Brisbane, cutting out of the old finned tubes, removal of tube stubs from the header boxes, completing any emerging remedial work, installing new tubes, expanding to seal within the headers, hydrotesting the exchangers, and readying for transport back to site. 

Our Brisbane team were prepared with detailed planning to handle any curve balls like trucking delays and remedial work to header boxes. We worked carefully upfront, to ensure resources, tubes and consumables were waiting in the workshops for the arrival of the exchangers. Early delays to delivery of the exchangers to the DIALOG Fitzroy workshop immediately placed our team under significant time pressure on an already tight turnaround. Our teams subsequently worked 24 hrs to ensure we were able to meet the original schedule and the first units were reinstalled on time as originally planned.  

This is the first phase of this project and we look forward to doing a great job for our client for the balance of these units. 

Precise control of tube expansion

Precise control of tube expansion.


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