Clean Energy

DIALOG Fitzroy is involved in the development and promotion of clean and renewable energy options through our design and project management team at our DIALOG Fitzroy office in Auckland


Through our Auckland office, DIALOG Fitzroy has made major contributions to some extremely successful projects including LanzaTech, WETOX and the Z Energy Tallow to Biodiesel development through assisting in the design for scaled prototype and commercial plants.

The LanzaTech development converts gases containing carbon monoxide into valuable fuel and chemical products via a bioreactor, and LanzaTech’s proprietary microbial process.

The WETOX project turns waste sludge into water, releases energy, produces valuable by-products and recovers nutrients using catalysed wet air oxidation. Innovative research at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, transformed the Wetox process to become much more affordable.

We also have an interest in waste heat recovery for power generation and have a programme working on research and development of turbine efficiency for Organic Rankin Cycle applications.