Underwater Restaurant Installed

Mar 24, 2016

Installation of The World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant

Recently the 450 tonne Underwater Restaurant left the Fitzroy Engineering fabrication facility in New Plymouth to be shipped for installation to the small Hurawalhi  Island in the Maldives.  

Specialists, Jumbo Shipping selected their heavy lift ship MV Fairlane for this task and the unique nature of this operation meant the berthing of the 110m long 7971 tonne vessel was going to be the key to the success of the project. 

Once in position the ship’s 2 x 400 ton cranes lifted the Underwater Restaurant off the deck and placed it onto eight preinstalled 900mm diameter piles with the assistance of divers. The engineer MJ Murphy designed the restaurant to be heavy enough so that it would overcome buoyancy and sink eight meters below the surface.

After the installation onto the piles the foundations were pumped full of concrete to firmly secure the Underwater Restaurant to the sea bed.  As the interior of the restaurant was already in a completed state the client Champa-Lars were able to enjoy their underwater experience immediately.

The Underwater Restaurant is effectively a dining adjunct to the main restaurant above water and once the connecting jetty is completed diners will be able to enter another world by simply walking down the spiral stairway to a truly amazing experience.