Fitzroy Engineering continues to strive for engineering excellence and have recently launched some innovative technologies designed to create greater value for our clients and improve efficiences.  We would be very happy to provide additional information and/or enable a demonstration.


timeclock is a simple, configurable, integrated time and attendance timesheet solution

As a major contractor and with a very substantial workforce Fitzroy Engineering has faced the same time capture issues that many other large organisations do currently.

The strategy behind the development of TimeClock was to provide an industry wide time and attendance recording mechanism.  TimeClock has been modelled to streamline our business methods and has resulted in the elimination of manual processes, with a dramatic reduction in errors.  It is fully integrated into our ERP, Payroll and Planning software.

TimeClock is in use now for major contracts with several large clients and accepts time and attendance, leave management details, job costing, resource usage and allowance data from timewriters through an extremely simple and time saving process.

Timesheets are electronically presented to approving supervisors, allowing both individual and batch editing, batch entry, and approval.  Clients (if configured) get very similar overviews of timesheets already approved by supervisors, with the ability to approve or reject the timesheet.  Administrators have dashboards that provide an overview of the processes and quick mechanisms to view details and effect resolutions to issues.  There are automatic email alerts where there are outstanding actions.

TimeClock is available as an internet based (SaaS) solution, simply requiring a browser to be operational.  TimeClock can be used on desktops, kiosks and mobile devices. 

Please contact Donna Ellis for further information and a demonstration of how TimeClock can assist your business.


Dialog Intelligent Planning System (DIPS) - The Future of Plant Turnaround

Fitzroy Engineering offers DIPS, a powerful planning, management and execution tool for industry, ideally suited to shutdowns and plant turnarounds. 

Developed by our parent company Dialog and modified by ourselves to align with our Australasian client requirements, DIPS has proven to be extremely valuable.

DIPS - Dialog Intelligent Planning System is a powerful and comprehensive software package that has the ability to integrate with the majority of our client’s existing systems for efficient transfer of information.

DIPS allows us to accurately prepare, schedule, cost, allocate resources and manage turnarounds.  Labour inputs from time clock or swipe cards can be entered directly into DIPS to give planned verses actual labour data for daily analysis of progress and cost on a real time basis.

DIPS incorporates all Job Methodologies, Job Safety Analyses, labour and asset allocation, inspection requirements, parts and consumable draw-offs, quality control and inspection documentation into an easy to use work pack format.

At the completion of the turnaround, all the relevant data is available in a comprehensive and easily retrievable format for client’s future use.


WCS - Weld Control System

Fitzroy Engineering has a reputation for accuracy and attention to detail for fabrication work and the traceability of material suppliers, certificates, heat numbers and exact fabrication use is key to maintaining this accuracy.   Precise weld details and NDT traceability are also a very important fabrication measures that need to be exactly recorded.

The task of tracing materials becomes increasingly more difficult on larger projects with complex material grades and configurations and so Fitzroy Engineering has developed a state of the art IT solution to allow complete confidence in the fabricated item and the corresponding supporting documentation.  One integrated system has been configured to allow Fitzroy Engineering to procure goods, receipt goods into stores, issue goods to a project, track fabrication of goods and issue Material Data Reports seamlessly.

This comprehensive integrated software along with a mobile interface enforces multiple crosschecking of materials through the complete project lifecycle and allows the client to obtain up-to-date reporting on progress.

Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting

Fitzroy has invested in the best Ultra High Pressure Water (UHPW) blasting equipment available for use on industrial coatings of structural steel, internal/external pipework, bridges etc in both offshore and onshore environments. 

We have a diesel powered unit for onshore workshop and site use and an electric powered Zone 1 unit for work offshore and in hazardous environments.  Both machines are rated to blasting with 26 litres of water per minute at pressures up to 30,000psi and are capable of blasting up to 30 m² per hour using water only.

Paint systems can be applied directly over a UHPW preparation or with the combination of abrasive blasting if required.  We hold a range of accessories for use with these units such as rotating deck cleaners, long and short hand held dump guns, 90° nozzles and vacuum recovery tools.

Through our work on offshore projects we have developed containment and filtration systems designed to strain out the resulting solids and after testing the water can be disposed of through existing grey water waste systems.  Depending on the site and with further filtration, often the water can be recycled through our UHPW units.


Portable CNC nozzle prepping

As a part of our continual drive for Process Improvement we identified a bottleneck in the vessel fabrication process with cutting of nozzle penetrations.  With the assistance of the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment we embarked on an exercise to develop CNC equipment that would cut nozzle penetrations using information directly from our computer generated drawings.

Timing using the traditional method would be something like this:  (example: 7 X 3” normal- entry nozzles in a 12mm thick vessel):

  • Marking out of nozzle positions
  • Development of hole profile from drawings : 1 hour
  • Mark up hole profile: 1 hour
  • Cut nozzle entry: 30 minutes
  • Cut weld prep: 30 minutes
  • Clean & grind prep: 30 minutes
  • Time per nozzle: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Time for vessel: 24.5 hours


Timings using the new process:

  • Markout of nozzle positions
  • Setup of prepping machine: 45 minutes (one setup for whole vessel)
  • Program nozzle layout per drawing: 10 minutes per nozzle
  • Etch nozzle layout on vessel: 18 seconds
  • Cut nozzle entry: 18 seconds
  • Time per nozzle: 17 minutes
  • Time for vessel: 1 hour 58 minutes

A tangential entry nozzle by traditional means in a 25mm thick shell would take 8-16 hours to complete.  Using this CNC machine we can cut the same entry in a total process time of 86 seconds.

Download pdf


metallisation thermal arc spray

Fitzroy now offers metal spraying and we have invested in the best thermal arc spraying equipment available. 

Thermal arc spraying offers significant benefits over other typical protection methods in that the whole process is mobile so coatings can be applied in situ;

  • Arc sprayed coatings can be tailored to suit budget and longevity targets by appropriate material selection and thickness – typically 60-350 microns but can be more
  • Extra thickness can be applied to isolated areas of higher corrosion or wear issues
  • Arc sprayed anodic coatings are extremely durable and will not chip off even when hit with a hammer, and will still perform well even with heavy scratching.
  • Long life corrosion protection, i.e. 20 years to first maintenance in splash zone
  • There is virtually no heat input to the substrate (<80°C typically)
  • Can spray many materials – zinc, aluminium, copper, steels, bronzes, moly, etc
  • No curing or drying time so the sprayed item can be handled immediately
  • Outstanding adhesion properties, often specified as a base layer for paint systems



hydraulic tube-tubesheet expansion


Fitzroy has placed considerable emphasis on streamlining our heat exchanger tube bundle fabrication process and we have invested in the best new equipment available, designed to deliver consistently high quality machining of tube-sheets and baffles, tube expansion and welding, and cost efficient construction.

We provide digitally controlled parallel-roll tube expansion which offers a great deal of flexibility and can expand tubes from 12mm to 75mm with simple consumable changes. 

Fitzroy are now the only provider in New Zealand of the latest innovation in the connection of heat exchanger tubes to tube-sheets through hydraulic tube expansion; the direct application of high internal pressure within an established tube expansion zone. 

This is a one-step (single pass) high pressure swage adaptable to all tube-sheet thicknesses. 

The smooth transition from expanded to unexpanded areas and no change in tube material properties greatly reduces strain hardening, tube fatigue and stress induced corrosion cracking.  Most importantly tube wall thickness and tube length change is minimal.

We are using wireless telemetry digital micrometers for measuring, recording and verifying tube expansion to client specification, reporting direct to spreadsheets for accurate documentation.