Health Safety and Environment

The Executive Team at DIALOG Fitzroy is fully committed to achieving our goal of zero incidents or injuries by providing a safe and healthy, high performing workplace for our employees, contractors and visitors, and by conducting our operations with minimal impact on the environment.

We are committed to caring for and protecting our people and believe that any workplace injury or incident is preventable. We work to identify and control hazards, protecting our people from exposure to health and safety risks, and we support their health and well-being. Throughout the business we have systems and processes in place that move us beyond compliance and challenge industry norms as we strive for continuous improvement. We have implemented tools and programs to engage, support and develop our people at all levels.

Our many clients know our desire to achieve Zero Harm goes beyond compliance. Zero Harm means sustaining a work environment which supports the health and safety of our people and minimises the impact our business has on the environment. It also means building strong relationships with the community, shareholders, contractors, our supply chain and growing our business in a sustainable way.

Fundamental to our operation is the integration of all health, safety and environmental requirements into the workplace actions of everyone involved in our business. As such we have established HSE performance as one of our key business drivers with regular reporting to board level. Frequent communication to our workforce of policy and procedure, and performance achievement is an important element of ensuring a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly workplace culture.